More than 1.5 million Mississippians
read their daily or weekly newspaper

The more than 120 newspapers comprising the membership of the Mississippi Press Association work hard to provide local news and information to folks from Corinth to Bay St. Louis and everywhere in between. In fact, more than 1.5 million Mississippians pick up a local newspaper each week. We’ve been in towns and cities across our state longer than most any other business. And we’re here to stay. There is strength in numbers and there is power in print.

A new survey conducted in the spring of 2013 finds that 7-in-10 Mississippi adults are regular newspaper readers. We remain the number source for advertising information, and in-state newspapers score higher in readership with young readers than most other areas of the country.

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We're a medium consumers invite into their homes

Did you know newspapers are the primary medium for advertising information? In 2011, we out-ranked ads in the mail, television and even the internet. In fact, we’re a medium that is invited into thousands of homes in Mississippi each and every week. With 1.5 million readers in our state, newspapers are a great investment for consumers and the businesses who want to reach them.

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Millennials are great newspaper readers, too

Surprise! Even those born in the digital generation are loyal print readers. In fact, a 2012 study indicates as many as 23 percent of Millennials read a print newspaper just yesterday. They, too, rely on the invaluable news and information only available in the local paper. When it comes to learning more about your community and the world at large, even the next generation knows there is power in print.

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In fact, our audience has never been larger

Did you know when coupled with readers on the internet, our audience has never been larger? In fact, local newspaper websites rank first among all local media sources for trustworthiness, credibility and being most informative.* Whether it is on the printed page, computer screen or in the palm of your hand, Mississippi newspapers deliver.

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We deliver content like no other medium

Mississippi newspapers deliver unparalleled diversity of content for our readers of all ages in over 100 towns and communities. From youth sports scores to city hall reporting; from photos of civic and social clubs to coverage of education and the arts, the variety of our content is one of the reasons so many Mississippians rely on the invaluable news and information only available in their local paper.

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